Are you getting missed calls from Saudi Arabia +966? Be alert, here’s what you can do

Some foreign numbers are giving missed calls to the Indians for the last few days, with +966 as the country code. Though the ISD code suggests that it is a Saudi Arabian number.

Scamsters booking premium ISD codes and giving missed calls to random people across the country. They disconnect the call after one ring. When the recipient calls back to the number they’re charged way too high prices as it is an international ISD number. The money gets deducted from the caller, and that’s how the scamsters earn.

The “One Ring Scam” has already hit Jammu and Kashmir earlier this year.

“Significant numbers of residents from India migrate to the middle east for employment opportunities. Now if their families get a missed call from the +966 number they are most likely to call back and burn their balance” said a cybercrime analyst.

What Precautions can you take to avoid international Calls from +966?

It is better to ignore such calls and if you’ve already received any such calls it’s better to block the number immediately. The scamsters can get access to a lot of information and data, and at a time can clone the number.

Since international calls are costly, it’s always better not to receive any such calls. The Scammers engage people in the calls for a long duration and in the meanwhile they can access bank account and steals the money and phone number.

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Author: Subham Roy

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