What is Gan Cube? The Best 3D Puzzle Toy for Kids and Adults – The Gan Cube Review

The Gan Cube is a 3D puzzle that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It consists of 26 cubes that will continue to confuse you every time you try to put them together, but it’s worth the rewards when you finally get it right! This toy is great for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and can be used by adults or children. The gan cube comes in different colors with 6 triangles on each side, giving them the appearance of stairways made out of diamonds. The 2 sets come in either red or blue. One set has all 6 sides colored while the other has alternating yellow and blue squares on opposite sides. The cube takes approximately 30 minutes to assemble, while some people insist that it can be done in a matter of minutes.

The 3D puzzle gan cube not only requires that you have good hand-eye coordination and a steady hand, but it can also be stressful to get the pieces right. This means that it’s essential to have patience when completing the puzzle. However, if you’re someone who enjoys spending time on a project or enjoying puzzles, this might be for you! The cube helps increase your spatial perception skills and even helps your brain keep active after completing the challenge. After assembling the cube, you can use it as a base for other puzzles or even place it on your desk at work to motivate yourself during long hours of working.

It’s a shame this cube is so complicated to assemble, but the amazing benefits of it should be worth the effort. For those who are fascinated with 3D puzzles, this cube will certainly fulfill your expectations. It’s a great way to increase spatial perception and challenge yourself! The Gan Cube puzzle has been featured on television shows, which has made it very popular among kids from different age ranges. This toy can help anyone improve their spatial skills and also make a great desktop decoration piece at work.

Where To Get The Best Gan Cube From?

Gan Cube can be easily purchased from Gancube.com It’s one of the best platforms to buy Gan Cubes, they provide a wide variety of Gancube to buy. They have 2×2 cubes, 4×4 cubes, 3×3 cubes, Pyramicx, Megaminx, and a whole lot of other cubes available on their site. They are the global leader in the speed cube industry. Based on its own deep insight into the market and the groundbreaking design, GANCUBE successfully created premium flagship products like GANI1M Pro, GAN356 XS, and GAN356 X, besides intelligent Series, Magnetic Series, Light Series, and Irregular Series. As a world-renowned speed cube brand, GANCUBE products have been sold to more than 100 countries or regions worldwide and are considered as the “APPLE INC.” in Rubik’s cube community.

On the gan sm site you will get GAN356 Air SM which is a Record Smasher in the game. It comes with a Brand new Magnets-Locking design and much more.

Do check out the product.

gan cube

The powerful performance of GAN356 AirSM was testified by the 5.97s World-Record from Feliks, in June 2017

Another very interesting product of theirs is the gan 354 m This comes with The whole new size of the 3×3 cube, 54mm, which brings smaller impressions and more flexible hand feels, Specially designed for One-Handed cubers and younger cubers.

gan cube

The innovative magnet positioning technology—GAN magnet capsule(GMC), is now introduced into GAN 3×3 cubes. No hand positioning glued magnets anymore. The magnet capsules are precisely capped into the notches in pieces, therefore the magnets will all be perfectly placed.

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